Managed Print Services

Why Managed Print Services?

From aerospace and state agencies to financial services and healthcare providers, businesses are starting to realize the bottom line benefit to getting their output fleet under control. They are doing this through Managed Print Services (MPS) – a defined and mature strategy designed to help manage the volume of all documents (both electronic and hardcopy) flowing through the organization and minimize the costs associated with printing, sharing and updating them.

Often overlooked, print is an infrastructure just as important as facilities, telecommunications and IT networks, and the long-term results of a successful MPS partnership includes enhanced productivity, increased compliance and improved environmental sustainability, to name a few.
Managed Print Services (MPS) involves managing hardcopy device fleets (copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and fax equipment) in a unified fashion. This can be accomplished internally, however the service is typically associated with managing the fleet via an external partner like Advanced Business Systems.

Why do companies look to ABS to assist in this initiative?

  • 90% of companies do not know how many printers they have or if they are properly utilizing their print assets+
  • Organizations spend 1 – 3% of annual revenues on imaging technology **
  • 23% of all IT / help desk calls are printing/copying related**
  • 55 % of network traffic is printer related*
  • Annual printer volumes are increasing: 9% in B&W and 19% in color (11% total)*
  • 60 % of all paper documents originate at the printer***
  • 70% of copied documents start out as printed originals of an existing electronic document***
  • The average office employee spends $1,000 a year in document output+

The core aspects of MPS are defined as:

  • Device management with consolidated billing
  • Proactive maintenance of the device fleet
  • Ongoing optimization of the environment throughout the contract life

ABS is a company focused to managed print services with the goal of helping companies identify, control, and manage the cost of output devices.

How We Get It Done

Is a Change Needed in How You Manage “Print”? Typically companies are faced with the following.

  • No visibility to costs associated with output fleet
  • Increased output
  • Mix multi-branded old and new devices
  • Under competitive pressures to increase revenue and lower expenses

ABS will show you the way to smart printing.  Our services and strengths include:

  • Identify your costs so expense management is possible
  • Ensures proper utilization of printing assets
    • Objective assessment
    • Strategy review
    • Implementation
      • All inclusive agreement
        • Supplies
        • Service
        • Parts
      • Technology refresh
        • Equipment replacement schedule
      • Ongoing Analysis
        • Redeployment
        • Proactive monitoring i.e. alerts for service and supplies
        • Reduce end-user support requirements
  • Strong service provider with 30 years of experience in Tallahassee market
  • Thorough and free assessment
  • Ongoing monitoring to anticipate service needs and optimize assets

Our goal is to maximize your current investment not sell you more equipment or software.

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*Source: Information Week
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